Get Your Season off to a Good Start with Optimise KickStart!

With the right combination of elements, soils can significantly improve their ability to effectively hold onto N and S fertiliser inputs without impacting yield and quality.

Stabilising the supply of key soil elements not only improves plant uptake, but it is a smarter way to alleviate the impact on your soil health and nutrient budget.

What is it?

KickStart combines the benefits of lime, elemental sulphur, magnesium and humates to enable effective uptake of early season N inputs. These core elements are finely ground for efficient soil uptake, then pressed into a pellet, blended with high analysis fertilisers such as Urea and SOA for ease of transport, application and for getting maximum effect from your N applications.

Why use it?

KickStart provides a practical means of delivering the much-needed soil buffering nutrients to enable the efficient uptake of strategic early or late season N applications. The combination of lime, magnesium, elemental sulphur and humates helps the stabilisation of soluble N and S in the soil and improves plant utilisation, helping to reduce leaching under wet and cold conditions. If you’re looking at ways to reduce your N inputs and outputs, then using Optimise KickStart will help you confidently lower your N fertiliser application rates. The pelletised nature of this specific blend of nutrients enables excellent coverage and significantly reduces dust making KickStart ideal for spreading by plane, helicopter or ground spread.

How does it work?

CaCO3 Lime for neutralising soil acidity, improving availability of soil nutrients. Finely ground lime provides functional calcium, improving plant root efficiency and conditions in the soil.

e-S Micronised elemental Sulphur becomes available slowly over time, improves the palatability and protein content of pastures, reduces nitrate concentrations and promotes nodule formation in clovers.

MgCO3 Magnesium improves N efficiency and is actively involved in photosynthesis and P metabolism. The closer you are to your optimal Mg levels in your soil the less N you will need for growth.

Hu Humates are a premier source of organic matter, and help increase a soil’s ability to hold on to nutrients and buffer against loss of carbon. Humates stabilise and improve sulphate-S and N-use efficiency. Among other things they also stimulate fungal activity on your farm.

The production of Optimise provides a unique means of applying KickStart’s lime-based fertiliser with high analysis fertilisers such as Urea and SOA. The very low moisture content of pellets makes Optimise KickStart stable when blended.

When to apply?

Optimise KickStart is well suited to Autumn and early Spring applications when applying Urea or SOA to kick-start pasture growth going in to winter or a head start at the beginning of the season. The combination of KickStart’s lime-based fertiliser results in improved soil biological activity and  improved soil structure. This net result benefits pasture production and animal health.

How to apply?

Because Optimise KickStart is pelletised, dust is minimised making this a much safer and effective option for early season applications by truck, helicopter or plane. Optimise is easy to apply with conventional ground spreading equipment and is equally suitable for DIY spreading.

You can also ensure accurate placement for you and the applicators, enabling you to confidently stay away from sensitive areas on your farm.

So whether you are farming sheep, cows and/or deer, or you have a milking herd, Optimise KickStart provides a practical and effective solution for boosting those struggling pasture covers.

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