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Optimise trials

Hill country trial

This trial shows the effect of applying Optimise at 250kg/ha and 500kg/ha on pH over a 27 month period.

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Lincoln University Experiment

Optimise ultra fine lime experiment comparing five different Optimise treatments with Ag Lime and nil lime.

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Optimise your financial advantage

Rapid response and return on investment

By applying pelletised ultra-fine lime you make the liming process far more efficient. With Optimise you will use less product by total volume while still getting a significant quantity of effective ultra-fine particle lime on to the ground. Achieving your targets faster and smarter. See graph below.

Optimise your costs and compare!

Great for cashflow and getting more from from your budget!

When applying Optimise at 250kg/ha vs 2.5T/ha of conventional Ag Lime, the reduced volume means less transport and spreading costs. In most aerial application cases, this means a potential saving of a massive $200/ha! That’s lime worth spreading! See graph below.

Optimise your agronomic advantage


What does your soil test say about your soil?

What is the size of your soil’s fuel tank? Read more…

Particle size – critical to nutrient availability.

Just like the particle size of your soil, the particle size of soil mineral inputs impacts the rate of nutrients released. The finer the particle size the quicker the reaction in the soil and sooner your soil can perform at it’s optimum. Read more…

Getting to know your CECs

How well does your soil perform? A sandy soil will need regular top-ups of nutrients in order to perform well. A heavy clay soil has a greater surface area and can hold onto more nutrients for longer. Read more…


The Optimise Observer

August 2018

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  • More than lime
  • Sustainable Returns
  • Achieving more
  • To lime or not to lime.
  • More from less


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