Pelletised Lime Based Dairy Mineral Supplements

Vitalise is a pelletised lime-based supplement for dairy cows, providing a highly effective way to feed calcium, magnesium and trace elements, at just 100gm/cow/day!

Vitalise is produced without grain, simply using ultra-fine lime pressed into a concentrated pellet using our unique manufacturing process. Vitalise is either made from ultra-fine lime for calcium supplementation or more commonly, with the addition of magnesium. DCP (P), trace elements and monensin can also be added to support the additional needs of your herd.

Done with dusting?

Dusting can be a bit hit and miss and can be hard on equipment. Feeding MagOxide in-shed can have delivery and palatability problems. Vitalise is made from high quality ultra-fine lime and magnesium, producing a pellet with high elemental calcium and magnesium content that is either sweet or salty to taste.

Why use Vitalise?

  • Vitalise is easy to use and supplies calcium and magnesium in a concentrated, palatable form that can be delivered directly to the cow during milking times.
  • Vitalise was developed as an alternative to dusting lime flour and MagOxide. As a mineral supplement, it has more advantages over dusting, providing a far more accurate and reliable dose with minimal wastage and greater feeding flexibility.
  • Using Vitalise improves animal health, reduces labour, time, and repairs and maintenance on gear.
  • There are significant unseen costs in subclinical milk fever (and subsequent loss of DM intake and production) which can be avoided with reliable magnesium and calcium supplementation.
  • Vitalise improves efficiency with in-shed feeding and flow through augers and can improve the palatability of PKE (or similar).
  • Using Vitalise is a convenient tool to help relieve the workload in an already busy operation, whilst supporting the health and wellbeing of your animals, letting you get on with the other jobs on the list.
“Using Vitalise has been a game-changer for us. We no longer have to spend time dusting paddocks, cleaning and fixing spreading gear or worry about getting calcium and magnesium into the cows, particularly on rainy days.”- 5th year Vitalise user

Cost comparison

The cost of Vitalise CalMag at 100gm/cow/day is approximately 6 cents/cow/day (+freight). See how this compares to your traditional MagOxide and Limeflour supplementation.

MgOxide, lime flour dusting and MgCl dose rates obtained from DairyNZ.

Vitalise is more than just calcium!

  • Vitalise CalMag (our most popular product), uses pelletised ultra fine lime and magnesium.
  • Additional trace elements can be added to the Vitalise pellet range. A standard dairy trace element premix can be used or customised to your herds requirements. For custom blends we require a minimum order of 10 tonne.
  • Trace elements are typically included at a 100gm feed rate. The following trace elements are an example of our standard dairy premix. (half rates of Cu are also available for PKE users): 
Copper 220 mg/dose – Zinc 400 mg/dose – Cobalt 8 mg/dose – Iodine 12 mg/dose – Selenium 8 mg/dose.
  • With the growing trend of feeding fodder beet to cows on the shoulders of the season, adding phosphorus (DCP) to the Vitalise pellet has been a popular request and has now become one of our standard products. DCP is added at 20gm/cow/day, making the overall feed rate 120gm/cow/day.
  • Ionophores (monensin), toxin binders and seaweed can also be added to the pellet. Salt can also be blended in with the pellets post production if requested. The inclusion of monensin with the Vitalise pellets is dose dependent and needs to be fed at the labelled feed rate. Alternative feeding rates can be made up upon advice.

How to feed Vitalise?

  • A suitable delivery system is necessary to manage the feeding of Vitalise. Because the pellets are approximately 2.5mm in diameter, conventional augers can crush the pellets, returning them to dust thereby defeating the purpose of using a pellet.
  • A core-less/centre-less auger is the preferable delivery mechanism so that the integrity of the pellet is maintained.
  • A lead feed is necessary to ensure the Vitalise pellets are consumed by the cows.

Feeding equipment options may include:

  • A Mineral Additive Dispenser – a small unit (about 50-60kg) which has a variable speed motor that feeds the pellets up to a conduit in the main feed line.
  • Various 1Tonne silos are available which have a separate feed line into the dairy parlour including a variable speed core-less auger.
  • Existing silos can be used, however we recommend that a “blower truck” be used to load the pellets into the silo to prevent the pellets from being crushed.

When can I feed Vitalise?

  • Because Vitalise is a lime-based supplement, it is best to start feeding Vitalise after calving.
  • Springers will need to be treated separately until they enter the milking herd.
  • Sometimes, late Winter herd management requires the springers be brought into the milking parlour for training or if they are not easily kept separate from the milkers. If your nutritionist advises, we can add sulphur to the Vitalise lime-based pellets to help prevent any metabolic disruptions during this time.
  • Vitalise can be used throughout the entire milking season. The versatility of Vitalise allows you to adjust the feeding rate according to the feed demand and production of your herd. Some farmers choose to feed Vitalise all season, and other cease feeding Vitalise after mating or at Christmas time, then reintroduce the pellets in the Autumn.

Who uses Vitalise?

  • Dairy cow and dairy goat farmers alike use Vitalise, from large scale to family owned and operated. Sometimes this takes a bit of courage, particularly if you have had a high incidence of milk fever cases. We can put you in touch with other local farmers in your area to hear about their experiences using Vitalise. Trying something new can often be a bit daunting, so talking to other farmers can help provide confidence in the product and effectiveness.
  • Using Vitalise is a convenient tool to help relieve the workload in an already busy operation, whilst supporting the health and wellbeing of your animals, letting you getting on with the other jobs on the list.
  • Depending on the severity of metabolic issues on farm, some farmers have been able to stop dusting lime flour and MgOxide on paddocks once Vitalise has been introduced to the milking herd. Typically, Mag Chloride or Mag Sulphate are continued to be offered through the water supply.

Optimise milk production and minimise Ca and Mg deficiencies

Vitalise Calcium

Vitalise Calcium is pelletised ultra-fine lime.
Every 100g contains: Calcium 36g. Typical dose rate 100g/cow/day.

Vitalise CalMag

Pelletised ultra-fine lime with magnesium.
Every 100g contains: Calcium 23g, Magnesium 7.7g. Typical dose rate: 100g/cow/day.

Vitalise CalMag + Trace Elements + Rumenox

Pelletised ultra-fine lime with magnesium plus trace elements and Rumenox.
Every 100g contains: Calcium 23g, Magnesium 7.7g + Trace Elements. Typical dose rate: 100g/cow/day.

Vitalise CalMag + Trace Elements

Pelletised ultra-fine lime with magnesium plus the addition of trace elements to support the typical mineral requirements for dairy cows (Cu, Co, Se, Zn, I).
Every 100g contains: Calcium 23g, Magnesium 7.7g + Trace Elements (Cu, Co, Se, Zn, I). Typical dose rate: 100g/cow/day.

Vitalise CalMag + DCP

Pelletised ultra-fine lime with magnesium plus 20g DCP. Ideal when feeding fodder beet early/late season.
Every 120g contains: Calcium 23g, Magnesium 7.7g, Phosphorus 3.6g. Typical dose rate: 120g/cow/day.

Vitalise CalMag + Rumenox

Pelletised ultra-fine lime with magnesium, plus Rumenox.
Every 100g contains: Calcium 23g, Magnesium 7.7g + Rumenox. Typical dose rate: 100g/cow/day.

Vitalise Custom Blends

Custom Blends can be made to meet your herd’s specific mineral requirements.
Typical dose rate: as per mineral needs. *Minimum quantities apply.

Vitalise Products Range Quick Comparison


(per 100g)


(per 100g)


(per 100g)

Typical Dose Rate

(per cow / day)

Vitalise CALCIUM 36g 0g N/A 100g
Vitalise CALMAG 23g 7.7g N/A 100g
Vitalise CALMAG + Trace Elements + Rumenox 23g 7.7g Trace Elements 100g
Vitalise CALMAG + Trace Elements 23g 7.7g Trace Elements (Cu, Co, Se, Zn, I) 100g
Vitalise CALMAG + DCP 23g 7.7g Phosphorus 3.6g 120g
Vitalise CALMAG + Rumenox 23g 7.7g Rumenox 100g
Vitalise Custom Blends Custom Custom Custom As per mineral needs

Where is Vitalise available?

We have customers from Southland to Waikato. Vitalise is delivered either directly on to your farm, or to your local freight company or merchants depot. To
make sure that you are getting the freshest product available, we send Vitalise directly from our manufacturing facility.

  • You can order from us directly. Alternatively, you can order Vitalise through your local farm merchant.
  • Vitalise is dispatched mostly in 1T bags. We can send out bulk loads, however a blower truck is recommended so that the pellets do not get crushed when being augured into the silo.
  • We help organise the delivery of your Vitalise using either your preferred local transport company or one of many freight companies en-route.
Contact us for more information about Vitalise.