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Perfectly sized pellets for healthier soils, animals and farms

We press fine lime and nutrients into pellets because it is the most effective way of getting your soil and animals what they’re asking for


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The benefits of pellets

We produce a unique range of pelletised fine lime-based fertilisers and animal mineral supplements created for maximum efficiency and effectiveness

Effective and cost effective

Pellets get to work quickly and only where needed. Our concentrated and compact form is 100% utilised, so you’ll use less – that's good news for your wallet

Easy to use

Pressed into less bulk and customised for one-pass applications, pellets are easy to spread, feed and transport


Our all-natural products are AsureQuality certified and biologically friendly. Less bulk means fewer trucks on the road too


Much more than fine-lime. We’ll blend the nutrients your animals and soil need into a simple, accurate dose

“Down cows waste time, Vitalise is a no-brainer” Jon, Dairy Farmer, Ashburton 

“I’ve got clover growing where I haven’t seen it growing for years” Charles, Sheep Farmer, Nth Canterbury   

“Areas where my horse would refuse to eat, he’s now eating” Trish, Equestrian 

Fine lime fertiliser

for healthier soil

The pelletised nature of our ultra-fine lime-based fertilisers spread easily, stay put and break down readily to stimulate soil biology and improve soil structure. They’re designed for maximum efficiency and effect, can be blended with other nutrients and fertilisers and are ideal for spreading by plane, helicopter or truck. 

Optimise, New Zealand’s favourite customisable fine lime pellet for arable and pastoral applications

Optimise for vineyards and orchards, a custom blend of natural fertilisers and nutrients for tailored applications
Equi-lise, a pelletised lime-based fertiliser formulated for horse paddocks
Life-styler, a range of general-purpose lime-based fertilisers for country block applications

“The team at Optimise have been open to understanding my journey into improved soil health. Their product has helped my plants be more palatable while supporting soil biology and the environment and they have the ability to adapt your fertiliser mixes to suit your needs. Overall I have achieved better results while applying lower rates with this product, with reduced costs, time and environmental impact.”

Josh Bradfield

South Otago

Mineral supplements

for healthier cows

Our pelletised, fine lime-based supplement range provide a highly effective way to feed calcium, magnesium and trace elements in a concentrated, palatable and accurate form. Our mineral supplements improve animal health, reduce labour, time, and repairs and maintenance on gear.

Vitalise, an accurate, reliable and palatable dose of calcium and magnesium for dairy cows
Eggxcel, a calcium and diatomaceous supplement in pelletised form for laying hens

Discover why Jon and Hayley Dampney chose Vitalise for their 1080 cows on a system 3-4 farm in the heart of Mid-Canterbury

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