The world’s first pelletised

fine lime based fertiliser

Key features


We crush lime to 70 microns to maximise the surface area, then press it into a pellet, so you get fine lime exactly where you want it


Our pellets break down readily and get to work quickly, improving soil structure and pH levels


Fine lime is safely and effectively blended with the nutrients and fertilisers to perfectly meet your requirements

Save more

With less bulk you'll need fewer trucks – plus, with accurate placement and 100% utilisation you’ll need to spend less per hectare

How Optimise works

Fine lime pellets are 100% utilised and spread evenly

The finer the lime, the more immediate the reaction in the soil. The smaller the particular size, the greater the surface area, and the quicker the effect on soil pH and soil structure.

However, the fine particles are difficult to spread and prone to drift. Optimise is 100% ultra-fine lime, pulverised to an average of 70 microns and pressed into a pellet for ease of transport and application. It’s ideal for getting the most return from your lime and lime-based fertiliser spend.

Calcium is critical for improving aeration, water filtration, and allowing roots to penetrate deeper into the soil. Soil biology responds to good soil structure and air spaces, active soil microbes reuse and recycle plant and animal waste, and mean fewer chemicals are necessary. 

Trial work shows a change in pH to an average of 0.2 per 250kg/Ha. Thanks to its accurate and concentrated form you’ll use a lot less than traditional Ag Lime. You’ll see results within 6 to 12 weeks and Optimise will continue working for as long as your soil type and farming conditions allow. For trials data click here.

At Optimise we only use natural ingredients in their raw state, micronized to enhance their release and availability. All our products are manufactured in New Zealand, are AsureQuality certified and biologically friendly.

Features and benefits

Increase nutrient availability
Improve soil structure
Stimulate soil biology
Efficiently achieves target pH
Suitable for all farm times, soil conditions and rainfall areas
Accurately apply by air, ground spreading or drill
Combine with other nutrients and fertilisers for a one-pass application
Breaks down readily
100% utilisation
Reduce transport and application costs
Traceable, biologically friendly products and AsureQuality certified
Proudly made in NZ
Can be supplied with Organic Certification
Costs less per hectare

Easy to use, transport

and spread

Optimise is used by pastoral, arable, horticultural and viticultural operations throughout NZ. You won’t need any special equipment. Optimise is compatible with conventional ground spreading and drilling equipment.

Optimise is ideal for spreading by air – with a lot less bulk, it ensures the safe release of the load for top dressing pilots.

The reduced volume means fewer trucks on the road, and you’ll pay less in transport costs.

DIY Optimise applications are simple. Use existing tow-behind spreading equipment, just like you would apply Urea, and reduce the heavy traffic burden of bulk trucks.

Minimum order 500kg. Contact your local farm merchant for 25kg bags.

A better bottom-line

Optimise achieves the same rewards with a much better bottom-line compared to traditional Ag Lime. Making it easy to maintain pH and calcium levels, improve cash flow and increase your return on investment.

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We quote in hectares rather than tonnes because you use less – up to 10x less than traditional Ag Lime. Many save 50% by using Optimise rather than conventional Ag Lime and pay less for transport. See what savings you’ll make on our handy cost calculator.

Optimise gets to work straightway to improve your pH level. Applying Optimise every 12-18 months is the best way to reach your pH and calcium targets and maintain them. You can apply Optimise 2 or 3 times for the same cost as one application of Ag Lime.

From quarry to farm

Follow the journey to healthier soils

Tab 1

Lime Quarry

Knowing Optimise is 100% utilised is an efficient use of resources 

Tab 1

The Farm

A soil test helps farmers and our team understand what the soil is asking for  

Tab 1

Scargill Plant

Lime is crushed to an average of 70 microns to maximise its surface area and effectiveness 

Tab 1


Nutrients and other fertilisers are safely added to the lime for custom blends that meet soil requirements

Tab 1


Our secret process to pelletise the natural fertilisers and nutrients to produce all-in-one pellets

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On The Road

We’ll arrange delivery directly to your farm, with lower volumes, fewer trucks are on the road

Tab 1


Optimise can be applied by truck, plane, helicopter, drill or spreaders.

Tab 1


You’ll see effects in 6-12 weeks. Then, take another soil test in 12 months to see the improvements in your soil 

When and where to use Optimise

Which season to choose?

While Spring and Autumn applications are the norm; Optimise gets to work any time the weather, ground conditions and soil temperatures permit or when the pilot has a window.

What types of farms?

Users include arable and pastoral farmers, high country stations, and growers of all shapes and sizes. Optimise is ideal to use in built-up areas as dust disturbances are minimal. And it makes spreading fine lime accessible in hilly places. Our standard and customised pellets can be produced to meet organic standards.

What soil types?

Optimise loves soils that are sandy, silty and have a high clay content.

Increasing soil pH improves the availability of essential nutrients (including phosphorus and sulphur) and enhances biological activity. In very low pH soils (below 5.4),  Aluminium toxicity can restrict root development, especially in legumes. 

With a low soil CEC (cation exchange capacity), Optimise is most effective when a smaller amount is applied more frequently. Conversely, with a high soil CEC, Optimise lasts longer, and we recommend a higher application rate, less often. For more information on CECs click here.

What about rainfall?

Optimise works for both high and low rainfall areas. In low rainfall areas, the larger particles in conventional Ag are slow to react and break down. Optimise breaks down readily and gets to work quickly. A few morning dews will help the pellets along. As well as providing a readily available source of calcium, it aids moisture retention when it does rain.

A good method of addressing soils in wet areas is to apply key cations (Ca, Mg, K & Na) little and often, to replenish what is stripped away by heavy weather events and improve soil structure. Again, Optimise is the perfect way to begin this process.

Getting started

in six easy steps


Take a soil test – find out exactly what your soil needs. Our reps are on the road and never too far away


Chat to us about the perfect blend of fine lime, fertilisers and nutrients and tell us how you want to spread it.


We’ll make the product to your specifications at our plant in Scargill, New Zealand


 Pretty soon your batch of Optimise will be delivered and ready to apply


It’ll start to work in 6-12 weeks, depending on rainfall, soil type and farming system


Join the happy farmers, with healthier farms using Optimise. Then take an annual soil test (at the same time of year).

Customised Pellets

for a one-pass application


To meet your soil’s needs simply, evenly and effectively, try an Optimise custom blend. Ingredients are finely ground and mixed into pellets for maximum nutrient availability, even spreading and accurate placement.

Our most popular blends are calcium with magnesium or sulphate. We product gypsum and dolomite equivalents. The minimum order for custom blends is 500kg.

Custom ingredients include:



Trace elements

(Se, B, Co, Cu, Zn, Mn, Fe, Mo)



Seaweed and bio-stimulants

Optimise pellets can be safely and conveniently blended with other high analysis fertiliser products like DAP and Urea. Because Optimise has less than 1% moisture content, it remains stable when blended.

High analysis fertilisers include:

Urea/Ammonium Sulphate


Potassium Sulphate/Chloride