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Info sheets

We've conducted some serious tests, here are the results

Getting to know your CECs

This handy info sheet is a quick guide to getting your head around pelletised lime.

Understanding your soil's lime requirements

Not what you thought you'd be reading about today, but important stuff none-the-less.

Quick cost comparison

Let's get down to brass tacks and talk about money.

Particle size information

What has particle size got to do with nutrient availability I hear you ask. Well this info sheet has all the answers.

Trials data

We've conducted some serious tests, here are the results

Glenfoyle Trial

High aluminum levels on Glenfoyle’s Blackstone Hill soils have been identified as being a key factor limiting pasture production. Good to know, but what can Optimse do about it?

Lincoln University Trial

Dr McKenzie put his thinking hat on for this trial to demonstrate the equivalent effect of Optimise compared to ag-lime at varying rates under controlled plot design.

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