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For healthier laying hens

A calcium and diatomaceous supplement in pelletised form for healthier laying hens

Key features


All-in-one pellets combine calcium to optimise egg production and Diatomaceous Earth for intestinal health


The pellets are safe and straightforward to feed, significantly minimising irritation to you and your hens


Order Eggxcel pelletised mineral supplements when your hens need it

How Eggxcel works

Eggxcel is a mineral supplement for healthier chickens

Laying hens need a good source of calcium to optimise egg production and harden eggshells. If your hens are laying soft-shelled eggs or no shell at all, then supplementing with Eggxcel can help alleviate this.

There are many benefits of feeding Diatomaceous Earth (DE). It naturally contains a broad spectrum of minerals, and when combined with calcium, helps to promote strength and overall good health of your laying hens.

The inclusion of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) into the pellets makes feeding safer, significantly minimising any irritation to you and your hens.

Eggxcel is easy to feed. It helps control feed and coop odours. And with less than 1% moisture content, it remains stable when blended with other feed mixes.

How do you buy Eggxcel

Eggxcel is supplied in 1.5kg bags for mail delivery orders. And it is available in larger quantities on request. Simply get in touch and we’ll get what you need sent to you.

We can deliver direct or to your local merchant. Or check if Farmlands, PGG Wrightson, Farm Source have Eggxcel in stock.

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