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for viticulture and horticulture

Perfectly balance your soil with a custom blend of natural fertilisers and nutrients – just what your grapes, apples, apricots and all your horticultural enterprises are asking for

Key features


Pressing fine lime and nutrients into a pellet makes them easy to apply, minimises dust and drift, and they get to work quickly


We combine all-natural fertiliser ingredients into a pellet, so you get a one-pass application, and your soil gets what it needs, where it needs it


Our pellets break down readily and get to work quickly, increasing nutrient availability, improving soil structure and pH levels

Easy to use

Pellets are perfect for ground spreading, helicopter application and DIY applications 

How Optimise works

Fine lime pellets are customisable, 100% utilised and spread evenly

The finer the lime, the more immediate the reaction in the soil. The smaller the particular size, the greater the surface area, and the quicker the effect on pH and soil structure.

However, the fine particles are difficult to spread and prone to drift. Optimise is 100% ultra-fine lime, pulverised to an average of 70 microns, then pressed into an all-in-one pellet along with the nutrients your soil needs. We only use natural, biologically friendly products.

Calcium is critical for improving aeration, water filtration, and allowing roots to penetrate deeper into the soil. Soil biology responds to good soil structure and air spaces, active soil microbes reuse and recycle plant waste, and mean fewer chemicals are necessary.

We can combine the following nutrients and natural fertilisers into a pellet – talk to us about the perfect blend for your soil.

  • Lime for calcium and soil pH
  • Guano P for energy and photosynthesis 
  • Sulphur for protein and enzyme production 
  • Magnesium for chlorophyll production and to assist P uptake 
  • Humates a ready carbon source and feeds soil biology 
  • Potassium for carbohydrate movement and water efficiency 
  • Biological stimulants for recycling nutrients and activating soil life 

Our most popular base brew for Vintners looks like this (click to enlarge):

Easy to use, transport

and spread

Optimise is used by pastoral, arable, horticultural and viticultural operations throughout NZ. You won’t need any special equipment. Optimise is compatible with conventional ground spreading and drilling equipment. And is ideal for spreading by plane or helicopter.

DIY Optimise applications are simple. Use existing tow-behind spreading equipment, just like you would apply other high analysis fertilisers, and reduce the heavy traffic burden of bulk trucks.

Some clients find multiple custom blends are the best way to satisfy their soil’s needs.

Minimum order 500kg. Contact your local farm merchant for 25kg bags.

How do you buy Optimise?

You can have Optimise delivered directly to your farm, merchants depot, or local freight company. We dispatch Optimise from our manufacturing facility to ensure that you get the best quality product available.

  • You can order from us directly or from your local farm merchant.
  • Optimise is dispatched mainly in bulk. We can send out 1-tonne bulk bags or 25kg bags.
  • We'll happily help organise delivery using your preferred local transport company or a freight company en-route.

Talk to us about the perfect custom blends for your property

Getting started

in six easy steps


Take a soil test – find out exactly what your soil needs. Our reps are on the road and never too far away


Chat to us about the perfect blend of fine lime, fertilisers and nutrients and tell us how you want to spread it


We’ll make the product to your specifications at our plant in Scargill, New Zealand


 Pretty soon your batch of Optimise will be delivered and ready to apply


It’ll start to work in 6-12 weeks, depending on rainfall, soil type and farming system


Join the happy farmers, with healthier farms and horticultural operations, using Optimise. Then take an annual soil test (at the same time of year.)

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