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Got a question, want to book a soil test or place an order? We’d love to hear from you - there’s nothing we love more than chatting about healthier soil, animals and farms. Call us on 0508 678 464 or drop us a note, and we’ll be in touch in two shakes.

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Get in touch

Got a question, want to book a soil test or place an order? We’d love to hear from you - there’s nothing we love more than chatting about healthier soil, animals and farms. Call us on 0508 678 464 or drop us a note, and we’ll be in touch in two shakes.

We’re passionate about healthy soil, animals and farms

We’re proud to help farmers with our range of fine-lime based fertilisers and mineral supplements that improve productivity in an agronomically and environmentally sustainable way

Our mission

Helping grow a healthier world from the ground up

We’re passionate about healthy farms; that’s why we’re on a mission to produce natural, healthy, biologically friendly products that simply work. Delivering precisely what your soil and animals are asking for. 

Our ethos is to work with the dynamics of soil and plant biology. If you share the same philosophy that healthy soils lead to healthy plants and healthy stock, then you’ll love what we have to offer.

Our team

Field Representatives

Our field representatives are passionate about healthier soils and livestock and ready to help you.

Simon Inkersell

Optimise Field Representative

Base: Otago

Region: South Island

Phone: 027 428 0615

Email: simon.inkersell@optimise.net.nz

Can help with:

  • Soil tests and advice
  • Farm visits and phone consultations
  • Custom quotes
  • High and hill country applications
  • Finding solutions to any soil-related problems

More about Simon

Simon lives and breathes farming. If you want to find out what your soil needs, call him. His knowledge and practicality have helped hundreds of farmers get the right nutrients into the soil with minimal fuss. With 25 years of practical experience and working on a range of farming systems, he brings a common sense approach based on a combination of practical and technical expertise. In his spare time, Simon enjoys hunting and processing of the spoils and spending time with family.

Erin Bradley

Vitalise Field Representative

Base: Southland

Region: Otago and Southland

Phone: 027 455 2454

Email: erin.bradley@optimise.net.nz

Can help with:

  • Improving herd health
  • In-shed feeding recommendations
  • Farm visits or phone consultations
  • Custom quotes and advice

More about Erin

Erin is passionate about dairy farming, supporting farmers, and helping make their lives easier. She has been involved in the Dairy Industry for over 13 years, first as a farm manager and then as a share milker.

If you want to know more about how mineral supplements can enhance animal nutrition, call Erin; she'll walk you through how our products work and how the pellets can be customised to meet your herd’s needs.

"I feel as farmers, we need a good amount of support outside of our farms, and any way of making our operations run smoother is a massive help. I know how not having this support can affect the running of a business.”

Bailey Happer

Vitalise Field Representative

Base: Canterbury

Region: North Otago, Canterbury, West Coast and Top of The South

Phone: 027 322 4450

Email: bailey.happer@optimise.net.nz

Can help with:

  • Improving animal health
  • Farm visits or phone consultations 
  • Custom quotes and advice

More about Bailey

Growing up rurally surrounded by farms, Bailey’s always been passionate about agriculture. He’s spent time dairy farming and in the veterinarian scene, so he has first-hand knowledge of the day-to-day of dairy farms and keeping animals healthy. 

If you want to hash out any farming-related problems with a friendly, approachable and knowledgeable field rep, give Bailey a call. He’s ready to help you and your business succeed in whatever aspect of farming motivates you.

Management and Production

Meet the team behind the scenes - they're passionate about getting pellets to where they'll make the most impact.


The lynchpin of the whole operation, Julie looks after head office, fielding enquiries and orders. She’s energetic, organised and waiting to hear from you. If you want to natter, give her a call or drop her a line.

Phone: 027 544 0056

And for accounts related stuff click here:


Plant manager extraordinaire James runs our state of the art manufacturing plant in Scargill. Meticulous, hardworking and handy with a spanner, he makes sure every pellet is perfect. Without James, everything would grind to a halt.

Scott and Jan

Champions of healthy farms and great produce, this pair of hardworking, practical and proudly Kiwi farmers refuse to put up with anything that doesn’t work as well as it should. They haven’t yet met a problem they can’t solve and are happiest with their sleeves rolled up, getting stuck in – when they’re not having a chat, that is.

Sponsorship opportunities

We have a proud history of sponsoring events throughout the year, including horse riding events, A&P shows, school fundraisers, sports clubs, and field days. We value strong relationships and love to give back to our community.

To apply, please fill in the form; we consider sponsorship opportunities that help our rural communities thrive and align with our mission. We'll need a little time to consider your request, so please apply at least three months before the event.

Our story

Twenty years ago, a family of Kiwi farmers saw a problem. The Aglime and nutrients they were putting on their land weren’t staying where they put it.

Being in the windiest country in the world meant it ended up drifting onto the neighbours or leaching into the waterways. So all that effort was being lost, and money was literally going down the drain.

There wasn’t another option, so they invented a better way in true Kiwi tradition, and Optimise pelletised lime-based fertiliser was born. A product designed to spread evenly, stay put, break down readily and not bugger up the environment. It took the headache out of applying lime and cost farmers a lot less per hectare.

As well as healthier soil, soon, there was a demand for healthier horse pastures, vineyards, dairy cows and chickens. Thus, the range was born.

From the early days of inventing a better way to apply fine lime, the company proudly manufactures and supplies products to farmers right across New Zealand. 

Our values

Ongoing commitment to quality and innovation

We’re all about using good old Kiwi ingenuity to create more effective and efficient products

Passionate and knowledgeable team 

A trustworthy team with the know-how, experience and support farmers need to improve productivity and farm health

Home-grown family business

We’re incredibly proud to be a 100% Kiwi, family-owned business with traditional values, who care about the land, the people and the environment

For farmers, by farmers

The team are proud of their farming backgrounds and are as passionate about healthy, sustainable and productive farms as you are

Our history

It seems like yesterday, but it's been a wee bit longer since we started


Scott and Paul decided to find a process that could produce a pellet durable enough to spread using spinners but would breakdown rapidly in the ground


The search for suitable equipment proved futile. Ideas from overseas use loads of binding agent, and the pellets were fragile. So, the brothers start designing and building the entire process themselves


The prototype plant is up and running. And early results from helicopter, plane and truck spreading are great


Very soon, a new plant with increased capacity was required and made improvements to the product durability


Farmers were asking about adding other nutrients, so we developed a product that safely combined fine lime with S, P, Mg, humates, trace elements, seaweed, and bio-stimulants


The team grew and our first sales rep hit the road


A new shed extension tripled storage capacity. And the first pellets of Vitalise rolled off the production line, ready for excited customers


Time to set up a head office in Christchurch to manage the business, Julie stepped in to run it


A team of sales reps were now visiting farms and testing soils all over the South Island


Plant upgrades have doubled the manufacturing capacity, the team continues to grow, and so does the product line-up

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