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Got a question, want to book a soil test or place an order? We’d love to hear from you - there’s nothing we love more than chatting about healthier soil, animals and farms. Call us on 0508 678 464 or drop us a note, and we’ll be in touch in two shakes.

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Got a question, want to book a soil test or place an order? We’d love to hear from you - there’s nothing we love more than chatting about healthier soil, animals and farms. Call us on 0508 678 464 or drop us a note, and we’ll be in touch in two shakes.

for healthier horses

Keep your horse pastures sweet year after year with

a pelletised lime-based fertiliser formulated for horse paddocks

Key features


Equi-lise increases soil pH, improves the availability of essential nutrients and enhances soil biology for a sweeter, palatable and more balanced pasture


The pellets break down readily for a rapid response in the soil, maximising nutrient effectiveness. And your soil gets what it needs, where it needs it

Easy to use

The all-in-one pellets are easy to apply; you can spread it by hand, use tow-behind spreaders or apply by air

How Equi-lise works

Equi-lise maximises nutrient effectiveness for green, sweet, healthier horse pastures

Over time, horse pastures can become depleted in calcium and magnesium. As a result, soil pH declines, causing “sour” grazing. Adjusting soil pH and supplying necessary Ca and Mg for soil health sweetens pastures and restores mineral balances quickly.

We formulated Equi-lise specifically for horse paddocks. As well as fine lime, the pellets contain Magnesium, Phosphate, Sulphur and a touch of Selenium. As a result, Equi-lise increases soil pH, improves the availability of essential nutrients, enhances nutrient cycling and soil biological activity.

Trial work shows a change in pH to an average of 0.2 per 250kg/Ha. Thanks to its accurate and concentrated form you’ll use a lot less than traditional Ag Lime. You’ll see results within 6 to 12 weeks and Optimise will continue working for as long as your soil type and farming conditions allow. For trials data click here.

We start by crushing fine lime to an average of 70 microns, then safely combine it with other natural, biologically friendly ingredients before pressing it into a pellet. The pellets are easy to use, spread evenly, minimise drift and dust, and break down readily for an immediate reaction in the soil. All out pellets are manufactured in New Zealand.

The all-in-one pelletised nature of Equi-lise makes it easy to apply, cost-effective and fast-acting. And result in a sweeter, palatable and more balanced soil and pasture.

How to apply


The all-natural and easy way to healthier horse pastures

The recommended spread rate is 250kg/ha or 100kg/ac.

You won’t need any special equipment. Equi-lise is compatible with conventional ground spreading and drilling equipment. Choose the method of application that suits you:

Small block application

You can use a “walk-behind” spreader or a tow-behind spreader on the back of your quad bike or tractor. Turn the agitator off, as this can crush the pellets. Set the rate to 250kg/ha or about 225bs/acre.

Hand application

For small areas, it is easy to sprinkle by hand, just like feeding chooks!

Bulk application

Equi-lise is easy to apply with a bulk spreader. And it is ideal for spreading by air for large blocks

“Been bloody impressed with this product, I honestly didn’t expect to get the results I got simply because nothing else was working, so why would this work? But it has. The pellets don’t dissolve quickly, which is great for my block of land, where when it rains, the water runs off. I don’t get mud, so I applied it expecting it to disappear, but it didn’t, and I could see it breaking down, but also see the grass changing colour and growing. Now areas where my horse would refuse to eat, he is now eating! You can see the difference between the area I did and the area I didn’t apply Equi-Lise. I’m getting more and even put my mum onto it, a great product for free-draining soil, that’s for sure! The grass was able to absorb it and utilise it – thanks so much!”

Trish Dakin

When to apply


To maintain healthy soil, apply Equi-lise every 12 -18 months. However, if the paddocks have been neglected or are under heavy grazing pressure, you may want to consider increasing the application rate to 500kg/ha, or the frequency, e.g. every six months.

Equi-lise can be applied throughout the year. So, while Spring and Autumn are the most typical, you can spread it when convenient, and you can get onto your paddocks. In some cases, an application in both Spring and Autumn is necessary to restore healthy pastures. But, for most, an annual application is all that’s required.

As soon as the pellets come into contact with moisture, they start breaking down, and you’ll see results in 4 to 12 weeks, depending on your soil type. Therefore, it is best to apply Equi-lise just before it rains. A few morning dews will help the pellets break down too.

The lighter your soil, the quicker the response will be – the best results come from applying less product, more often. Conversely, a heavier soil will have a slower response and benefit from a larger initial application.

How to buy

Equi-lise is available in 25kg bags from participating rural merchants.

If you have 2 hectares or more and can manage bulk bags, we can send 500kg or 1000kg bags to a depot near you.

Contact us for a freight price.

Frequently asked


Is Equi-lise organic?

We make Equi-lise using all-natural ingredients. Because we don't use chemical or acidic forming nutrients, we feel it hasn't been necessary to organically certify Equi-lise. However, if this is a requirement for your property, we’ll make a batch of organically certified Equi-lise. Additional certification costs and minimum order quantities will apply.

When should I put my horse back in the paddock?

We recommend that you move your animals out of the paddock before you apply Equi-lise. Then move them back when you are happy the pellets have broken down enough. The pellets start breaking down as soon as they come into contact with moisture, and you’ll notice the pellets will be soft after a few days.

The pellets taste a bit like chalk and are not all that desirable by animals. There isn’t anything in Equi-lise that would harm your animals, and horses don’t like the taste of them that much! We have had a few clients who spread Equi-lise while their horses were in the paddock. However, you know your horses best and what they like to eat.

Why is my horse pasture sour or hot?

Dung and urine provide plenty of potassium (K) which can cause an imbalance with Ca and Mg, limiting pasture growth, soil and plant health and palatability. As with potassium from dung and urine, nitrogen is deposited, which can cause pastures to run ‘hot’ (as with certain types of pasture species). When excess nitrogen leaches, it takes essential soil neutralisers – Ca and Mg with it, and this is why horse paddocks become 'sour' over time.

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