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What is Equi-lise and what is in it?
  • Equi-lise, equine fertiliser is a specifically formulated, pelletised, all-in-one, lime-based fertiliser for healthier horse pastures. The lime-based pellets also include Magnesium, Phosphate (from Guano), Elemental Sulphur and a small amount of Selenium. It is also a great general purpose fertiliser for small block-holders that run other livestock.
  • Equi-lise helps maximise nutrient effectiveness resulting in a sweeter, palatable and more balanced pasture.
Why should I use Equi-lise?
  • The all-in-one pelletised nature of Equi-lise makes it easy to apply, cost effective and fast acting.
  • Because Equi-lise is an ultra-fine lime-based fertiliser in pelletised form, it breaks down quickly for a more rapid response in the soil.
  • Applying Equi-lise increases soil pH, improves availability of key nutrients, enhances nutrient cycling and soil biological activity. Over time, horse pastures can become depleted in calcium and magnesium and as a result soil pH declines, often causing ‘sour’ grazing. Adjusting soil pH and supplying necessary Ca and Mg for soil health sweetens pastures and restores mineral balances faster.

The pellets taste a bit like chalk and are not all that desirable by animals. There isn’t anything in Equi-lise that would harm your animals, and horses don’t like the taste of them that much! We have had a few clients who spread Equi-lise while their horses were in the paddock. However, you know your horses best and what they like to eat.

How much does Equi-lise cost and where can I buy it?
  • Equi-lise can be purchased in bulk truck loads, 1000kg bags, 500kg bags and 25kg bags.
  1. Bulk truck: $525.92T + GST + Freight (POA)
  2. 1T Bags: $562.92/Bag +GST + Freight (POA)
  3. 500kg Bag: $294.96/bag + GST + Freight (POA)
  4. 25kg bag: $34.37/bag + GST - includes freight into store (minimum 40bags (1t))

Please note this pricing is subject to change - please contact us or your local merchant for up to date pricing

  • Equi-lise is available from your local Rural Merchant.
  • You can also buy directly from us - just call or send an email with your order.
When is the best time to apply Equi-lise?
  • You can apply Equi-lise at any time of the year.
  • The best time to apply Equi-lise is just before it rains - as soon as the pellets come in to contact with moisture they will start breaking and should start working within 6 to 12 weeks depending on your soil type.
How often do I need to apply Equi-lise?
  • You can apply Equi-lise every 12 - 18 months to maintain a healthy soil. If however, your horse paddocks have been neglected or they are under heavy grazing pressure, you may want to consider increasing the application rate or the frequency (e.g. every 6 months). The lighter your soil the quicker the response will be, however you may need to apply less product, more often. A heavier soil will have a slower response and you may need to apply more product at once to see a change, but less frequent applications may be necessary.
Why is my horse pasture sour or hot?
  • Dung and urine provide plenty of potassium (K) which can cause an imbalance with Ca and Mg, limiting pasture growth, soil and plant health and palatability. As with potassium from dung and urine, nitrogen is deposited, which can cause pastures to run ‘hot’ (as with certain types of pasture species). When excess nitrogen leaches, it takes essential soil neutralisers – Ca and Mg with it, and this is why horse paddocks become 'sour' over time.
What is the recommended spread rate and how much do I need for my paddocks?
  • Our recommended "rule of thumb" spread rate is 250kg per hectare (or approx.100kg/acre), so 1 tonne of Equi-lise is enough fertiliser for 4 hectares (or approx. 10 acres).
How do I apply Equi-lise?
  • Bulk application: you can apply with a bulk spreader, plane or helicopter.
  • Small block application: If you are applying Equi-lise to your horse paddocks or lifestyle block then you can use a “walk behind” spreader (available from your local farm store) or a spreader on the back of your motorbike or tractor for example. Remember to turn the agitator off as this will crush the pellets, turning them to dust. Set the rate to 250kg/ha or approx. 225lbs/acre
  • Hand application: If you just want to apply Equi-lise to a small area then it is easy to sprinkle on by hand if you do not have a spreader. Spread like you are feeding chooks!
  • Bulk Bag lots: If you are able to unload 500kg or 1000kg bags off a delivery truck at your place then you can scoop the Equi-lise out of the bags with a bucket and put in to your spreader or it may be easier for you to fill up your spreader using 25kg bags.
Would Equi-lise be harmful to my animals if they accidentally ate the pellets?
  • We recommend that you move your animals out of the paddock before you apply your Equi-lise and move them back in when you feel that the Equi-lise pellets have dissolved enough. If you apply your Equi-lise just before you think it is going to rain, the pellets will start breaking down as soon as they come into contact with moisture. As the pellets begin to dissolve it is less likely that your animals would want to eat them. The pellets are not very tasty so most animals don’t usually want to eat them. Equi-lise is made up of 100% natural ingredients and is free from chemical and acidic forming nutrients, making it safe to use around animals. We have had quite a few clients who have told us that they have spread the Equi-lise while their horses were still in the paddock!
Is Equi-lise good to use on soured paddocks?
  • Yes, definitely! Equi-lise supplies needed Ca and Mg to help restore soil cation balance to horse paddocks that have been heavily soiled. Dung and urine provides plenty of potassium (K) which can cause an imbalance with Ca and Mg, limiting pasture growth, soil and plant health and palatability. As with potassium from dung and urine, nitrogen is also deposited which can cause pastures to run ‘hot’ (as with certain types of pasture species). When excess nitrogen leaches, it takes with it important soil neutralisers - Ca and Mg. This is why horse paddocks become sour.
How can an application of 250kg/ha work when I usually apply aglime at 2.5t/ha?
  • Lime and other soil nutrients are of little benefit until they are broken down and made available in the soil. The finer the fertiliser nutrients are, the faster it will work.
  • If the fine particle size of aglime is of greater agronomic impact than coarse grade aglime, which can remain sitting on the surface or in the soil profile as large unused lumps, then less volume of fine lime needs to be applied. In addition to this, the accurate placement of nutrients in either scenario is critical. Look at all common fertilisers - they are typically all granulated to some extent for easy and accurate placement. Equi-lise has been micronised to maximise surface area and effectiveness, then compressed into a pellet for easy application and excellent coverage, allowing even distribution of Ca, Mg, S, P and Se.
If aglime lasts longer, why should I use Equi-lise?
  • Aglime potentially lasts for a longer period of time, depending on particle size. This is because it takes longer for the larger particles to breakdown, if at all. Whereas, Equi-lise works much faster, providing you with more efficient productivity gains. In some cases you can apply 2-3 applications of Equi-lise for the cost of 1 application of aglime.
How long after spraying weeds etc. should I wait before I fertilise with Equi-lise?
  • As a general guide, we would recommend applying Equi-lise after you have sprayed out your pasture, once you have seen good die-back. You may also want to consider increasing the application rate to restore locked out nutrients back into the soil.
Can I use Equi-lise with other fertilisers?
  • Yes, Equi-lise pellets can be blended with other fertilisers. For example, if you did want to add nitrogen, Urea or similar products can be blended with the pellets safely and conveniently. This is because the pellets contain less than 1% moisture, preventing any chemical reaction from occurring with other more hydroscopic fertilisers.
How much will the freight cost and can I have Equi-lise delivered to my place?
  • The price for 25kg bags includes freight.
  • The freight price for 500kg and 1000kg bags and bulk product will depend on where the product is delivered to. Generally, if bulk bags are delivered to a convenient depot in your local town and you are able to pick them up, it is cheaper than having product delivered to your door. However, we are happy to arrange for 500kg, 1000kg bags and bulk product to be delivered directly to you. If you choose this option you just need to be able to unload 500kg or 1000kg bags off the delivery truck if the truck does not have a hiab (crane attached to the truck) to unload the bags for you.
  • We will be able to give you a price for freight to your area when you ask for a quote or when you place an order for Equi-lise.
Aglime is cheaper, why should I buy Equi-lise?

All prices exclude GST.

  • Refer to Optimise Quote/Specification.
  • These are estimated costs intended to provide a guide only.

If you have the ability and equipment to apply Equi-lise by yourself, there are potentially even more savings to be made. Besides the cost savings, applying Equi-lise is a much less dusty and time consuming job, plus you are getting more than just lime!

When we compare Equi-lise (which includes Ca, Mg, P, S & Se) at 250kg/ha and Aglime (Ca)+Mg+P +S+Se) at 2.5t/ha over 4ha, with the estimated freight and application costs (see graph), savings of almost $500 can be made. (Please note all pricing is estimated) . For eg the cost of applying Equi-lise using a contractor is approximately $700/t or $170/ha, compared to Aglime (Ca)+Mg+P+S+Se at $120/t or $400/ha. Equi-lise is more

expensive per tonne, but cheaper per hectare.

How to buy

Equi-lise is available in 25kg bags from participating rural merchants.

If you have 2 hectares or more and can manage bulk bags, we can send 500kg or 1000kg bags to a depot near you.

Contact us for a freight price.

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