About Us

Our Products are Produced by Farmers for Farmers.

We are passionate about delivering quality value-for-money products to improve your production in a way that is both agronomically and environmentally sustainable.

At CP Lime Solutions, we are proud to produce a range of lime-based fertilisers and animal mineral supplements. Our innovative products not only add value to the land but to our clients business objectives.  We continue to learn about what the soil has to offer and our ethos is to work with, not against the dynamics of soil and plant biology. If you share the same philosophy that healthy soils lead to healthy plants and therefore healthy stock, then you’ll be interested in what we have to offer.

The Lime Solutions story – how it all began…

Recognising that farmers face an inherent problem with agricultural lime and fertiliser applications, brothers Paul and Scott Pascoe saw an opportunity to improve the way lime was being applied to New Zealand farms by pelletising the effective fine lime into an easily spreadable form. Farmers want effective fine-particle lime, and also require even and accurate application, however, the finer the lime, the more difficult application becomes, and even in good spreading conditions the fines can drift well off course.

Work began in 2001 on developing a process that could produce a pellet that would be durable enough to spread using spinners, but would breakdown rapidly on the ground. Finding suitable equipment proved difficult – ideas used overseas use large quantities of binding agent and the resulting pellet did not prove durable enough. After searching extensively for equipment that would be suitable, they ended up designing and building the entire process themselves.

A prototype plant was operational in 2003 and this was operated and improved upon over 2004. Results from initial trials proved extremely encouraging. Late in 2004, with demand increasing, the company began construction of a new plant which would provide both increased capacity and improved product durability. Regular improvements continue to improve throughput and product quality.

Ongoing commitment to quality & innovation

The development of the range of pelletised lime-based products is based purely on practicality for farmers. Getting effective fine lime on to the ground in an efficient manner was the challenge. Trials have shown exceptional results with relatively small applications of Optimise, which is in-line with overseas research. We continue to work with farmers to improve ways in which the products can be used.

CP Lime Solutions’ pelletising technology has expanded to produce mineral supplements for dairy cows. Initially producing a pelletised ultra-fine lime product for calcium supplementation, farmers soon asked for magnesium to be included into the pellets, along with trace elements. After several year’s development we now offer a full range of pelletised ultra fine lime-based mineral supplements.

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