Sponsorship Application

CP Lime Solutions values strong relationships and sponsorship is no different which means we are very committed to helping and supporting many organisations and charitable events both locally and nationwide through sponsorship.

We receive requests on a regular basis from organisations and charities asking for our support and/or involvement. We would love to help each and every single one that approaches us but that’s just not possible.

We consider each one individually and use any one of the following criteria to help us decide who to support

  • How will it help rural communities thrive?
  • Does it align with our mission and philosophy?
  • Is it an opportunity to give back to our most loyal supporters our clients?
  • What unique opportunity does it provide CP Lime Solutions Ltd?
  • What opportunity does it provide CP Lime Solutions to add value to your event, activity or organisation?
  • Have we got a long-term relationship that has been mutually beneficial for both parties?
  • Is your organisation a ‘not for profit’ charity run by volunteers (eg RDA, sports club etc)?

Proud Sponsors

We have a very proud history of sponsoring different events throughout the year which include Horse riding events, A&P shows, school fundraisers, sports clubs, field days to name a few. We value this opportunity and it’s our chance to give back.

How to apply

If you would like us to consider sponsoring your event or organisation, then please apply using the form attached.

Download Sponsorship Form

Please give us time to consider your request and apply for sponsorship at least 3 months before it is required.

If you have any questions please get in touch.